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Get to Know Me!


Get to Know Me!

About Ken


Ken North

Retired president of Seattle Savings Bank. Ken founded the bank in 1998 for the Smith and Story families of Seattle Mortgage Company. By the end of his tenure, Seattle Savings Bank was the top earning bank of its size in the country.  Today, Ken raises money from angel investors for Kineta, Inc., an emerging biotechnology company in Seattle developing new drugs to fight chronic pain, cancer and viruses.


Family History

North Family Crest

Virtue is only noble with soul and faith.

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My Favorite Things

Ken enjoys hanging out in the back yard with the five grand children in the pool.  For Ken and wife Sadhia, retirement is getting closer.  Both look forward to more traveling around the globe. 

Ken also enjoys NASCAR and other motor sports.  Sadhia treated Ken to a drive around the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in an unrestricted NASCAR.  Ken had the fastest average speed of the day at 145MPH.

Ken grew up playing baseball as a kid and softball as an adult.  Ken and Sadhia met playing shortstop and second base, respectively for the Washington Federal Team.  Here are highlights from Ken's time playing ball.

A long time sports fan and season ticket holder for both the Seattle Seahawks and the Everett Silvertips, Ken won the Budweiser Fantasy Play-By-Play.  Watch it here.

Ken appeared in the audience at an Oprah show while attending a Banking Conference in Chicago.  Ken came in second place nationwide in the banker's speech contest.

Erin Andrews

Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews sends message to Ken.

Ken's Personal Vimeo.com Channel

Ken North's Personal YouTube Channel

Music Favorites

Captain Comic

In 1990 Ken produced a video with the kids during their summer vacation.  The family lived on a 54-acre farm on the south fork of the Stillaguamish river.  The kids were bored, so we set out to create a storyline with all of them acting.  We produced on the spot and all of the edits were in the old VHS equipment.  Later, Ken worked for Modern Digital and had the FX crew add some effects.  The credits are actually longer than the movie itself.

Favorite Comedy Routine

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